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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Conservation areas

Trees may be protected by Tree Preservation Orders or if they are within a conservation area. At Talking Elm Tree Services, we understand that work is sometimes required on protected trees for a variety of reasons. The trees may be unsafe, blocking light or just in need of necessary maintenance. Our consultants are able to liaise with the relevant local authorities to ensure that appropriate arboricultural works are carried out.


Tree Preservation Orders can be placed on individual trees, trees within a certain area, groups of trees or whole woodlands, and any tree species or size of tree can be affected. Anybody who carries out trees protected by a TPO without permission from the local authority has committed an offence, and could be fined.


Trees protected in conservation areas are given a similar status. If you are unsure if your tree is protected by a TPO or a conservation area we recommend you contact Talking Elm Consultancy and we will be able to talk you through the process and make any application for work on your behalf.

For more information regarding TPOs, conservation areas and for a free quotation please contact us.

Talking Elm Consultancy is based in Norwich, Norfolk, Our work areas include Norfolk Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex; however, we are available to carry out work across the UK.

Tree Location Map

A tool for any tree works contractor to identify where the trees are and what trees require works. We also provide a schedule of works detailing any trees that may need work to make them safe.

A Desk Based Survey

Through liaising with the local authority information on the current status of the trees on the site is obtained; such as whether there are any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) present or whether the site is in a conservation area.

Applications/recommendations for works

A detailed report identifying the client’s requirements for works/ maintenance on the tree(s). This report will be submitted to the client and the local authority, on behalf of the client, to apply for works if the trees are protected by a TPO or are within a conservation area.

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