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Mortgage reports

Talking Elm Tree Services will guide any client through the process of providing mortgage tree reports / home buyer’s arboriculture mortgage reports. These are often a requirement for mortgages and/ or insurance purposes if trees are present on a property.

Our Mortgage reports will assess the potential present and future damage to buildings/structures caused by trees on your property. Whether the damage relates to tree roots or trees in ill health our expert knowledge will identify and detail any potential issues and recommendation for works in the final mortgage report.

For more information regarding Mortgage reports, Tree reports and for a free quotation please contact us.


Talking Elm Consultancy is based in Norwich, Norfolk, Our work areas include Norfolk Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex; however, we are available to carry out work across the UK.

Tree Location Map

A tool for any tree works contractor to identify where the trees are and what trees require works. We also provide a schedule of works detailing any trees that may need work to make them safe.

A Desk Based Survey

Through liaising with the local authority information on the current status of the trees on the site is obtained; such as whether there are any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) present or whether the site is in a conservation area.

Applications/recommendations for works

A detailed report identifying any safety hazards such as trees in ill health will be submitted to the client and where necessary the local authority, on behalf of the client, to apply for works if the trees are protected by a TPO or are within a conservation area.

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